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Black circles

Bags under the eyes

Dryness around the eye contour

Sagginess or loss of skin firmness

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The first anti-ageing eye cream with peptide of Argireline and Collagen

One of the first signs of ageing is the creation of wrinkles and expression lines at the eye contour area. The unique Collagen EYE Contour Cream EYEREVIVE was created to protect this sensitive area but also to treat all aesthetic problems that may have been caused by the passage of time.

Essential active substances:

Natural Peptide of Argireline, which mimics effectively the action of botox. It gradually reduces muscle contraction, eradicates wrinkles and expression lines and prevents the creation of new ones.
Peptide of collagen that activates cellular regeneration and acts deeply on the wrinkles providing effective antiageing care at the area.
The Caffeine reduces black circles and unaesthetic bags.
The unique substance MICA (natural crystal) covers the black circles and provides glow and brilliance to the area.

Natural Extracts:
Aesculus hippocastanum (horse-chestnut): it contains coumarin, esculoside and bitamine P, and has vein invigorating qualities (suitable for boosting the circulatory system).
Ruscus aculeatus (butcher’s-broom): boosts the blood circulation at the capilla vessels reducing facial redness and relieves swelling and black circles under the eyes that are caused by sluggish circulation.
Chamomilla recutita (german chamomile: provides anti-ageing, healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.
Hammamelis water (witch-hazel): it contains tannins, which help against irritation, reducing swelling, fighting bacteria etc.

The product includes a natural peptide of argireline – the alternative solution of botox, collagen peptide, caffeine, mica, natural extracts, horse-chestnut, butcher’s-broom, German chamomile & witch-hazel.


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Instructions of Use

For most effective results, apply a small amount of EYEREVIVE Eye contour cream twice a day (morning & evening) with your fingertips around the eye contour area moving from the nose to the outside area of the face. before application your skin should be washed and dried. for all skin types.

* There is no need to apply large quantities of the product on our eyes and surely never on the moving parts of our eyelids, but through finger pressure around the eye sockets, the external corner of the eye and under the eyebrows.


Reducing the wrinkles (size and number) and expression lines

Powerful protection from photoageing

Delaying ageing

Skin regeneration, tightening, increasing skin density and elasticity

Glow and uniformity in color

Active moisturizing

Soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities

Exclusive Distributor: PHARMA FSC LTD

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